Walker Wayland Australasia Introduces Employee Assistance Program

Published on February 29, 2020

The recent bushfire crisis that has affected hundreds of thousands of Australians has highlighted the need for businesses to provide support and assistance for employees and their families. Not just to support those who may be impacted by the current crisis, but for any mental health issues that may arise.

Walker Wayland NSW in conjunction with Walker Wayland Australasia Limited is pleased to announce that they are introducing an Employee Assistance Program to their company employees. The company they have chosen is Acacia EAP. Acacia EAP operates 24 hours a day to be available to assist employees.

What is EAP?
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counseling service offered to employees of a company to deal with personal or work-related issues in a positive way. EAP provides counseling through a separate organization as opposed to an in-house counselor, to allow confidential assistance to employees. EAP involves short-term counseling to assist in overcoming life’s challenges and help return employees to a better state of emotional well-being.

EAP’s such as the one they have selected, provide assistance for a number of issues that may affect employees, their families or clients including:
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Stress management
– Relationship & Marriage difficulties
– Family & parenting issues
– Grief & loss
– Illness adjustment & management
– Addiction & substance abuse
– Work-related stress
– Financial coaching
– Legal referral
– Sleep disorders
– Dietitian support
– Eating disorders
– Domestic violence
– Mental illness

Is it confidential?

EAP’s such as Acacia EAP is an independent provider that ensures employee’s counseling sessions remain completely confidential. In accordance with the Privacy Act, Acacia EAP never discloses personal details to anyone without written consent.

Furthermore, Acacia EAP also does not disclose any information relating to sessions to managers or employers. Individual employee names are never disclosed unless consent is given to advise them. The service is highly confidential.

How does it work?

This particular EAP engaged by Walker Wayland NSW involves short term counseling of up to 3 hours counseling per employee/family unit per year. The cost of sessions is free of charge for employees as it is covered by the company.

Appointments can be arranged at several locations or via phone, video links and live chats also available if more convenient with a 24-hour hotline available.

Access to the EAP for Clients
There is an opportunity to extend these services to the clients of Walker Wayland NSW if they require assistance. They encourage any clients who wish to find out more information about the program to contact Walker Wayland NSW.

Source: https://wwnsw.com.au/walker-wayland-australasia-introduces-an-employee-assistance-program/