Featured Firm of the Month: Pratapkaran Paul and Co., Chartered Accountants

Published on August 05, 2020

Pratapkaran Paul and Co. is a multi-disciplinary firm, based out of Chennai, India, and deals primarily in matters of audit, taxation, and advisory. Since its inception in 1985, the firm manages a plethora of assignments for its varied client base that includes listed entities, small to medium-sized enterprises, firms, and high net worth individuals. The firm is headed by Pratapkaran Paul, its managing partner who specialises in direct taxation including litigation and representation. The firm also handles many foreign companies and multinational firms, and has been involved and instrumental in their setting up operations in India. Having celebrated its 35th anniversary in the year 2020, the firm has seen a new chapter dawn with its expansion into Insolvency and Bankruptcy related services. The firm thus offers a one-stop solution for an entire gamut of services.

Diligence, professionalism, and integrity being the core values based on which the firm operates, bring about the firm’s vision to develop a progressive work culture that benefits all stakeholders. It also brings about a level of quality in the provision of services that stands out as a brand by itself. The firm is headed by dedicated and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective areas of operation which include, direct and indirect taxation, assurance, advisory, insolvency, and corporate affairs. The firm's digital initiative has been spearheaded by its internal operating procedures being fully carried out on developed software, most of which has been the outcome of its own resources. A pioneering project on audit software tools is making progress in association with a software services firm. The workforce of the firm is a well-structured hierarchy that ensures that there is a proper flow of communication and chain of command right from the management to the operational levels. The top management of the firm are firm believers in independent working ability and ensure that the members of the firm that are up and coming are given opportunities to exhibit their skills and take charge, independently and creatively. At the same time, the sense of unity is strong within the firm, and all its units strive to ensure a system of working as a community, both within and outside its walls.

The firm’s growth is dynamic and it aims at fulfilling client needs that go beyond the usual scope of traditional audit and assurance services. Having conducted entry-level strategy for multinationals, due diligence projects, corporate restructuring, insolvency proceedings, transfer pricing assignments, international taxation assignments, secretarial and ERP audits to name a few, the firm has achieved its objective of being a multi-disciplinary firm. The workforce of the firm is highly motivated and constantly strives at keeping themselves abreast of all relevant and upcoming areas of service. With the two years old GST regime and constant updates thereon, and in areas such as foreign exchange regulations as per the RBI and advances in the secretarial service sector among others, the ability of the firm to advise and handle assignments in these areas is established by the new and increasing number of assignments.

The firm’s reach, geographically, is widespread. Apart from having a strong presence in South India, projects with entities in various countries such as the United States of America, Dubai, Poland, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, and Taiwan, to name a few are constantly being worked upon. With advancements in globalization, the firm seeks to expand its reach both nationally and internationally. The firm has also begun its outsourcing activities with its association with BKR International.

The sentiment of ‘giving back’ is strong within the firm and has been well inculcated in all its members. Every year, a number of social activities are done by the members of the firms that include planting trees and promoting the green revolution, donating blood to help save lives, and financial assistance to those in need.

Contact details:
Pratapkaran Paul and Co., Chartered Accountants
B-8, Gems Court
25/14, Khader Nawaz Khan Road
Nungambakkam, Chennai
Tamil Nadu, India
Pincode 600 006
Phone: 044 2833 1646 / 1647 / 1648
E-Mail ID: admin@pkpandco.com
Website URL: http://www.pkpandco.com