Featured Firm of the Month : EAS SHANGHAI

Published on April 20, 2020

EAS Shanghai is a boutique-sized business expert possessing extensive experience in managing various kinds of financial assignments for small to medium-sized enterprises. They just celebrated their15th anniversary in 2019. Over the past 15 years, EAS has acquired in‐depth know‐how to provide the most suitable solutions for clients who intend to develop their business in China.

One of their core values is its commitment to maintaining professionalism and integrity. They are dedicated to every step of their work in order to ensure that clients are receiving high-quality professional services.

Other than regular compliance services, their outsourcing accounting and business support services can help foreign investors to easily start up their business in China. They realized the costs involved in building up a full internal accounting and administration team, especially the time to be spent in building up the mutual trust and cooperation with the management.

They carefully study the business needs of clients and deliver workable solutions for them. EAS's outsourcing services include daily bank account operations, invoicing and customer liaison, customs clearance, employee reimbursement approval, visa application, and recruitment interview, etc.

EAS is thankful to their loyal clients and grateful for being a member of BKR International for having valuable business referrals. The services EAS provides its clients are strictly determined based on professional judgment, business ethics, and cautious work. Being a member of BKR International from their inception makes them well connected to a wide range of worldwide resources. They cherish the spirit of a professional accountancy firm and the long‐term business relationships built up with their clients.


ADDRESS : Unit 2001, Jingan China Tower, No. 1701 Beijing West Road, Shanghai 200040, China
PHONE : +86 21 6288 3223
EMAIL: info@easshanghai.com

WEBSITE : http://www.easshanghai.com/

Credits: EAS Shanghai