BKR’s Secondment Program Featuring Alas Oplas & Co., and Walker Wayland

Published on May 04, 2020

The Secondment Program by BKR International allows its member firms to access resources and experiences, through temporary employment with other members around the globe. It aims to provide assistance to its member firms to grow and strengthen their practices through resources on an international scale. Through the said program, member’s employees will be sent to work temporarily with another member firm in a foreign country. Employee secondments can greatly benefit employers as a means of developing good business relationships, sharing and enhancing employees' skills, and acquiring new techniques and information. At the same time, they can offer employees a valuable career development opportunity, with the chance to widen their exposure and gain experience within a different setting.

Alas Oplas & Co., CPAs (AOC) is one of the BKR member firms that second its employees to another member firm abroad.

According to Ms. Marycris Oplas, the Managing Partner of AOC and the Chair of BKR Asia Pacific Region, this program has been going on for four years now between the AOC and Walker Wayland NSW, another member firm of BKR. “We send our senior employees to work there for less than six months. They get to deal with people of different cultures and backgrounds and learn about their technologies and systems and follow their policies.” Ms. Oplas said

The first one to ever experience this secondment program was Loraine San Pedro. She was sent to Walker Wayland NSW in Sydney, Australia three times (2015, 2016, and 2017) to work as an Audit Senior. According to San Pedro, Walker Wayland NSW has a very advanced and established audit system, timesheets, billing, and collection. They also hold regular updates with the team every end of the week, and as one of the members during that time, she felt that she had a sense of direction. 

In 2018, AOC sent Francis Alita and Iller Anisco. In Alita’s first week, he already felt at ease because of the friendly environment of the company. He also commended the Walker Wayland NSW’s work culture and user-friendly system. “Everything was systematic because there’s a system designed for every specific type of job,” he said. “I also admire the fact that they value and respect the work-life balance,” he added.

Last June, Vincent Erana and Donita Solis had the opportunity to be seconded to Walker Wayland NSW. The two are slated to come back in November. 

Rachel Francisco and Lilibeth Yasay were also given the same opportunity. The two departed this 12th of July going to Perth, Western Australia to work in Walker Wayland, Chartered Accountants. Francisco’s and Yasay’s main focus is to work on audit for three months. They are scheduled to come back in October. Ms. Oplas said that this program is the first time for AOC, and Walker Wayland, Chartered Accountants in Perth. She is also hoping that this will continue on in the next coming years.

credits: Alas Oplas & Co.