BKR in the Community: Alas, Oplas & Co., CPAs (AOC) in Support of a Higher Calling  

Published on February 27, 2020

It was June of 2017 when Joanne Silverio was about to be appointed as the Managing Director of RRUM, a subsidiary of Alas, Oplas & Co., CPAs (AOC), a provider of accounting outsourcing services. Working with AOC for seven (7) years, Joanne rose from being a junior accountant to becoming a managing director.  She was at the peak of her accounting career and AOC has so many plans for her.

While all of these are happening, she felt that a realization has been slowly unfolding in her life. Ever since she was in her early 20’s, she has been discerning a call for her to serve the Lord. And the moment came when she made the biggest decision of her life.

Joanne approached Ms. Marycris Oplas, the Managing Partner of AOC, and told her that she wanted to become an aspirant. Ms. Oplas, who did not think that she might be losing a very promising employee, encouraged her and selflessly offered her financial support to pursue her aspiration. Ms. Oplas and the whole AOC have been supporting Joan for two (2) years now.

Joanne expresses her gratitude and prays for the success of the whole AOC group and good health to Ms. Oplas. She is thankful to AOC for their generosity and continued support for her.

AOC will continue to support should there be other aspirants from the company as well.

Aside from assisting Joanne, AOC has been active in community programmes such as a once a year visit to different communities, feeding programs, and providing school supplies to children. They were also once involved in Gawad Kalinga activities in Rizal Province in the Philippines. They currently have an active partnership with Laura Vicuna, a technical school in Negros under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). AOC employs apprentices from them since 2016 and treats them as regular employees. Students who have outstanding performances are absorbed by the company.

AOC plans to continue all of these voluntary engagements as a way of sharing their blessings with the community.

*Alas, Oplas & Co. CPAs is an independent member of BKR International.

Please click here to view Joanne's story: https://youtu.be/18UBy-aDhH4