Arpit Jain Featured in the List of Great People Managers & Leaders 2020

Published on October 04, 2020

Congratulations to BKR Asia Pacific's Tax Committee Chairman Arpit Jain of K.C. Mehta & Co. for being featured in the List of Great People Managers & Leaders 2020, conducted by Great Manager Institute in association with Forbes India by successfully demonstrating the traits of a Great People Leader.

It is indeed a matter of pride as Arpit features in the coveted list of Top 100 who have been selected through a rigorous process involving 1100+ organizations, 6300+ managers/leaders, and multi-layered evaluation (Great People Manager Study 2020).

This is an absolutely phenomenal achievement that not only demonstrates his leadership ability, but also the firm's culture of nurturing talent and respecting individuals at the firm.

October 09, 2020 Edition of Forbes India Magazine provides further details including the methodology of selection and the outcome. E-copy of the same is available at 

Join us in congratulating Arpit and the other winners!

credits : K.C. Mehta & Co.