BKR Asia-Pacific Region

As a member of the BKR Asia-Pacific region, our members have access to a number of resources at both regional level and worldwide.

Sharing resources and information to enhance and expand their services, BKR members are part of a global team that has access to wide ranging financial and tax expertise.

Members attend an annual regional conference, in addition to receiving regular updates on technical issues, such as IFRS, as well as the opportunity to attend annual technical meetings for Tax and Audit, amongst receiving access to many other regular services and resources.

The Asia Pacific region also holds annual sub-regional meetings, which provide opportunities, in a smaller and more intimate setting, for practitioners to get to know each other and to be involved in discussions, especially where they share very similar issues and challenges.

There is also an annual Worldwide conference. In 2014 we celebrated BKR’s 25th anniversary in San Francisco. Annual conferences are always very well attended and prove to be extremely successful events, providing the opportunity for all members to meet and participate in constructive and informative seminars and lectures on current international issues, as well as attending social activities to encourage networking and to pursue opportunities to work together.

For reports on past meetings and for details of future meetings, please visit:
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